Just close your eyes
You’ll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I’ll be safe and sound

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"After listing to "Rude" by Magic, Tyler Posey texted Dylan O’Brien about starting a reggae band."

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S I just opened tumblr to find I’ve been nominated for “most underrated graphic maker” in the klaroline awards and I just … Wow really, thank you so much to those of you who nominated me, words can’t really express how amazing this fandom really is, how dedicated and united and kinda crazy too. (I mean we have our own awards ceremony!)

Anyway, just wanted to thank again for seeing and even liking my stuff, it’s always nice to find out people do, it kinda makes my week.

❝Felicidades !!!! x tu nomación en los kc awards, estoy convencida x q he visto tu progreso y es super merecido, estoy segura que habemos muchas que consideramos que tienes todo para ganar :)❞

Ashahajsjaaja en serio me acabo de enterar y estoy muriéndome jajajaja muchas gracias !!!!!!!!

(público para guardarlo pues estoy en mi celu)
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color meme: caroline forbes & summer colors
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heaven, we hope, is just up the road

Kira finds Lydia watching old videos of Allison during class.